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About me

I am a mindfulness trainer, ICF certified integral executive coach and a UIAGM professional mountain guide.

I am Irish. I have lived in France for 20 years and now live in Switzerland. I teach mindfulness to individuals and groups in business, education and other professional settings.

My mission and vision is to help put the human and the humane back at the centre of business and education. I also wish to emphasise mindfulness and kindness in all aspects of living.

I coach individuals and groups anywhere in the world. I also work as a mountain guide in Switzerland France and Italy.
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30 years Working as a professional mountain and ski guide and climbing instructor has enhanced my understanding of myself and others. It has allowed me to become a trustworthy partner for my clients. Building trusting partnerships is central to performing safely in challenging conditions. Whether this be in the mountains, in the workplace or ordinary life.

Running a trekking and guiding business has taught me about the value of collaboration, self awareness and self development. But most of all the value of working with other great people in an atmosphere of mutual support.

For the past 30 years I thought I had escaped to the mountains and a life of physical activity and adventure in outdoors. Escaping I thought, daily routine, being stuck in an office and all that comes with that. I found even this adventurous life style had its limitations. I was literally looking for happiness outside of myself. I searched high and low and found temporary versions of it, but nothing that lasted.

Then I went on inner journeys through meditation and coaching. That is the new path I am on. This is where I am finding some really useful answers. It is in the combination of inner and outer exploration that I find the most powerful tools for living.

It may be a cliche, but I have never arrived at the destination. I have only learnt how to better live the journey. It is an ongoing process.

This is where I think I can help and share my experience with my clients and help them to discover their own path. Tap into their own hidden potential.

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