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Coaching and mindfulness are approaches that allow us to build self-awareness. Self-awareness is the key to changing our lives for the better. Self awareness leads to better self management.
Self management is a quality we need to develop if we wish to lead others. Leaders first lead themselves, then others will seek them out to lead.

Modern life seems to be so full and fast moving there never seems to be time to examine what we are doing and implement changes. There is a different way of being. Through coaching and mindfulness practice you can change how you relate to your professional and personal circumstances. First you need to create space in your life. Then you can create change.

You don’t actually want to be coached ( if you are anything like me). You just want to change something ( or things) about your life. It’s hard to do all that on your own. That is why working with a coach is a way to make these changes happen.

These are the things that most of us want to change:

  • We want to do satisfying work
  • We want to make some contribution to the world
  • We don’t want to feel like we are wasting our lives doing something useless or meaningless
  • We want some financial stability and security. At the very least we don’t want to be constantly struggling to make ends meet
  • We want satisfying and meaningful relationships
  • We want to be healthy and energetic
  • Most of all we want to feel that we are able to do something we are good at and that people appreciate.

  • We want to have enough free time to do the things we want to do and spend time with the people with whom we want to spend time.
  • We want to have an impact in different areas of our life.
  • We want to be free of pain and suffering, both emotional and physical
  • We want to realize our inner potential and bring this into the world
  • We want to be loved and we want to love
  • There is always other stuff we want but the above is a good place to start.

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