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Coaching 1 to 1

You don’t actually want to be coached. ( if you are anything like me ) You just want to change something about your life. It’s hard to do all of that on your own. That’s is why working with a coach is a way to make these changes happen. A coach provides support, encouragement and accountability, they also ask you the questions you may not ask yourself.




How coaching works
There are different depths of coaching. When you are looking for short terms changes in habits and competencies, this can happen quite rapidly. A period several weeks to 3 months will generally allow enough time for change to happen.
For deeper and broader life changes it generally take smore time and deeper work. Anything from 6 months to a year.
I suggest that you think in terms of a minimum of 3 months to identify and embed your learnings and benefits from a coaching program. Generally session are fortnightly for 1 hour and as we progress this may shift to 3 to 4 week intervals.


Coaching can take place in person, by phone ,skype, zoom or similar or in the outdoors walking.




Exploratory session
A first exploratory session is free as we both explore the potential for working together. This is a 30 to 45 minute phone or skype session.

Intake ( this is the main set up for the coaching program identifying your aims and goals and setting outcomes for the coaching program) we allow 1. 5 hours for this session.

Follow up sessions are an hour ( sometimes later in the program a 30 minute call can be sufficient depending on you and the subject matter).


Level 1 – Making changes -First time working with a coach. 6 sessions 2-week interval


Level 2 – Deep work -Previous experience working with a coach or other self-development program – 12 sessions over a 6-month period ( 2 to 3 week interval between sessions)


Level 3 – A new way of being – Previous experience working with a coach and other professionals in self-development, self-awareness and transformation. 12 months or more. Fortnightly sessions and a commitment to working with other professionals and groups on a journey of self-exploration and change.


Price and availability – contact for further details ( note if you have financial challenges at the moment but think you would benefit form coaching contact me anyway and we will explore possibilities)

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