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You don’t actually want to be coached ( if you are anything like me ). You just want to change something about your life. It’s hard to do all of that on your own. That is why working with a coach is a way to make these changes happen. A coach provides support, encouragement and accountability, he also ask you the questions you may not ask yourself.

It is hard to examine and explore what is going on in your professional and personal life on your own. The only perspective you have is your own. Sometimes this feels like trying to see the back of your own head without a mirror. A coaching conversation helps you to get another perspective. It’s a way to ask different questions, see through different eyes. get support, think outside the box.

You find your own answers. The coach is like a thinking partner, a mirror. The coaching conversation pushes you into new and different points of view. A coach is also an accountability partner. Did you do what you said you were going to do? He will ask you the sometimes-hard, uncomfortable questions that allow for a shift in mindset. He helps you to make a plan and stick to it or adapt it as needed.

The approach I use in coaching is based on the integral coaching model (developed by New Ventures West). It is a method that recognizes that our lives are made of many interdependent activities and world views. Addressing and changing our lives means we need to take all of these aspects into account.

I am also very influenced by and use several other coaching approaches.

  • Strategic coaching
  • Strengths based coaching
  • Enneagram based coaching
  • Mindfulness based coaching

Areas of coaching that my clients explore

  • Self-awareness, exploration
  • Strategic thinking partnership
  • Relationship building and communication @ work
  • Personal relationships and communication
  • Self-development and performance
  • Self-care, health and well-being
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Life transformations
  • Professional development
  • Life balance
  • Self-leadership before/ as a way, to leading others
  • Establishing new habits and behaviors
  • Health and well-being

Group Coaching

I also do group coaching in professional and workplace situations. I believe in putting the human back in the centre of business. Everybody is talking about Artificial intelligence these days but overlooking the Human intelligence that is available to them already. Mindfulness and kindness are two key aspects of human interactions on which we focus.
Group coaching workshops...

  • Mindful listening
  • Mindful communication
  • Coaching circle
  • Mindful dialogue – mindful meetings
  • Team strengths analysis

Coaching 1 to 1

You don’t actually want to be coached. ( if you are anything like me ) You just want to change something about your life. It’s hard to do all of that on your own. That’s is why working with a coach is a way to make these changes happen. A ...
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Coaching Groups

Group coaching creates a powerful but safe environment for change. Working together with others creates powerful insights our own way of seeing and greater understanding of others.Our aim is to create a supportive, warm atmosphere for inquiring into what is working for us and what we would like to change ...
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Conversations in nature

Both of the above- 1 to 1 coaching and group coaching are not restricted to the indoor environment. We can progress to outdoor sessions. In general, it is best to start with the conventional approach and then progress to outdoor sessions. But this depends on the individuals and the groups ...
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