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Mindfulness is awareness of what is happening right now. Mindfulness or attention can be pointed at many different subjects or objects. Emotions, thoughts, talking, listening, physical sensation, relationships, physical performance. But the overall purpose of mindfulness is to develop wisdom and compassion.

Wisdom to see what works and does not work and to make good choices. Compassion for yourself and others. Compassion is not softness; it is kindness meeting life’s difficulties and discomfort. Kindness can be strong, powerful and robust.

We often ignore or deny our discomfort, and this burns up energy that we could use in more positive ways. Developing mindfulness helps us to understand ourselves and our lives more clearly and to find positive ways of living.

Mindfulness practice has been shown to help with the following

Beginners Mind @ work ( 4 weeks)

(4 x 1 hrs sessions) Two 4-week courses specifically aimed at improving performance and relationships at work. Developing creativity and communication skills. Also managing stress and emotional tension in the modern work environment. It is a series of 4 one-hour workshop style sessions. Part 1 - 4 sessions – self-awareness ...
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Beginners mind every day ( 4 weeks)

(4 x 1 hrs sessions) Two 4-week courses aimed at bringing mindfulness into everyday life in the home and elsewhere.It is a series of 4 one-hour workshop style sessions.Part 1 - 4 sessions – self-awareness and developing mindfulnessPart 2 - 4 sessions – relational awareness and mindful communication. Beginners mind ...
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MBLC ( 8 weeks)

MBLC - Level 1 Being present?   An 8 week course 8 x 2 hr sessions If you want to increase a sense of well being and happiness in life. Address feelings of stress or anxiety or simply enhance performance in work, home and sporting activites this is a good ...
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SIYLI – Search inside yourself leadership institute

The world famous mindfulness and emotional intelligence course developed at google. “We help you train leaders and employees to better understand themselves and work well with others—essential tools for productivity and happiness.* ...
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CBLC – Compassion based living course (8 weeks) Level 2 responding with compassion.

This is a follow-up course from level 1 - Being present The main themes of this course: Self Compassion Compassion for Others Compassion in Action     Contact us for details ...
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Mindfulness in nature

Taking mindfulness practice in to nature and the outdoor environment. Idealy participants should have done one of the other courses such as beginners mind but this is not essential ...
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Mindful listening, Mindful communication, Coaching circle, Mindful dialogue – mindful meetings Free standing half-day or one day workshops that are designed for the workplace or educational situation ...
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